Our Professional Modeling Course includes our complete Finishing Course! Two Amazing Courses in One!

Whether you wish to become a model, or are simply seeking to develop your personal image and self-esteem, this is the course for you!

When we dream, we strive and struggle to achieve our goals and fulfill our ambitions and this in itself is the very essence of life. These job profiles bring vivid images of glitz, glamour and fame. Successful professionals associated with these profiles are constantly spending their working hours under the proverbial limelight.


Though Bollywood, the Mecca of the Indian film industry, is considered the ultimate goal of the upcoming actors, you can kick start your career in acting by getting a break on TV channels. These channels are growing in numbers and exploding with mega serials, reality shows, game shows and various count downs. All this brings in a lot of opportunities for upcoming actors to showcase their acting talent. You can also become a stage artist for which you need to complete an academic stint at the National School of Drama. There are many institutions offering acting courses all over India.


An unforeseen boom in the ad and fashion industry has created a huge and continual demand for fresh models. Every company needs glamorous models to start and endorse a variety of products or to flash the creations of fashion designers. Moreover modeling is a very alluring field with innumerable opportunities to travel and earn handsome money. Models also get to meet people from different walks of life. An established model can get a handsome pay for every assignment they do. All these aspects have made modeling a desirable, attractive and lucrative career for the youth in our county.


Semester 1

  • Opening Up Exercise
  • Acting - Part 1
  • Yoga - Concentration - Fitness
  • Personality Development-Body Language
  • Dance / Mime
  • Skin & Hair Care
  • History of Cinema
  • Appreciation of Indian & World Cinema
  • Personality & Attitude Development
  • Semester 2

  • Acting - Part 2
  • Make -up & Hair Style Technique
  • Dance • Ramp Walk
  • Cinematography • Dubbing
  • Appreciation of Indian & World Cinema
  • Portfolio
  • Preparation for Photo Session
  • Dress Sense / Fashion Trends
  • Photo Session
  • Live Fashion Shows
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    Modeling & Acting Two Amazing Courses in One!

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