This course offers the opportunity to refine and extend the skills of students’ photographic knowledge through the experimentation with pinhole, analog and digital cameras. We will discuss photographic terminology, advanced camera settings, exposure techniques, and visual aesthetics.

The Diploma in Professional Photography is a custom designed by Ambitions 4 Photography Academy for someone who wants to understand the major concepts of available light and studio photography within a short duration.

The learner should be passionate about photography. He/ she must have an attitude to learn quickly. Must have passed at least 10 th class in the school level. Must possess a DSLR camera with 18mm to 200mm lenses, portable speed light flash and a good laptop.

Duration : 6 months

Week end Batch : Sunday

Course Fee : Indian Rupees 1,14,500/- (Rs.1,00,000/- plus 14.5% service tax). For foreign students USD.2,290/- (inclusive of service tax)

Certification : The certificate will be issued by the academy after both the project modules are evaluated.

Basic Digital Photography

The 4 months foundation course in Professional photography explains technical and aesthetics of available light photography with special techniques in detail. The course is ideal for anyone trying to establish themselves as a professional in visual media like photography, cinematography, visual communication or any other stream of visual art.

The learner must have an attitude to learn photography. Must have passed at least 10th Standard in the school level. Must possess a Digital SLR camera, a portable flash & a Laptop/ PC.

Duration : Four months (Tuesday to Friday)

Course Fee : Indian Rupees 85,875/- (inclusive of service tax).). For foreign students USD.2,000/- (inclusive of service tax).

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