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Today we are more committed than ever to producing results for our graduates, through our high calibre training courses and exclusive after course assistance program.

Whether you are interested in improving your confidence and deportment or are planning a career in modeling – we have the course for you!

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Diploma in modeling & Acting

When we dream, we strive and struggle to achieve our goals and fulfill our ambitions and this in itself is the very essence of life.

Modeling & Finishing Course

Whether you wish to become a model, or are simplyseeking to develop your personal image and self-esteem.

Women's Image Development Course

For women seeking a REFRESHED PERSONAL STYLE, a renewed SENSE OF SELF and enhanced LEVELS OF CONFIDENCE.



Girls Modeling

This unique course is intended for pre-teen girls and delivers age appropriate lessons in grooming, etiquette and confidence development. Learning to ‘do it the right way’ now… and giving her confidence and know how for the future! This course also offers young girls the opportunity to experience modeling in a safe, non-competitive and fun environment – a truly beautiful, happy experience.

Professional Photography

This course offers the opportunity to refine and extend the skills of students’ photographic knowledge through the experimentation with pinhole, analog and digital cameras. We will discuss photographic terminology, advanced camera settings, exposure techniques, and visual aesthetics.

Visual Communication

An undergraduate programmer gives students the expertise to build a career as a creative professional in advertising, design and related fields. The students will come out with overall knowledge of software and creative skills on par with the media industry. They even have good scope of setting up their own studios after having essential experience in the respective field.

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Where applicable, course fees can be paid in easy weekly instalments. Please refer to the course Enrolment Form for further details.